Motion Design Showreel
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Animation
Animation Showreel
Graphic Design, Animation, Motion Graphics
Gulf Air Logo
Process and results of the Gulf Air logo re-design
illustrative design, graphic design
Circuit Zandvoort Visual Identity
The design of the visual identity for Circuit Zandvoort
Graphic Design, Branding, Art Direction
Flowr Rebrand
Rebranding pitch proposal for a Canadian cannabis producer
Graphic Design, Brand Design, Logo Design
Over Covid
Concept + design for social-media based news channel
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Creative Direction
Safety Online
Educational animations teaching online safety
Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics
Seishikan Tendoryu Aikido Rebrand
Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding
Climate Crisis Icon Set
Icons to illustrate future timelines of the current climate crisis
Graphic Design, Animation, Icon Design
IKEA + Red Cross Animation
Animation made for IKEA Foundation and the International Red Cross
Art Direction, Illustration, Storyboarding
FireFox OS brand mascots
Illustrative design of FireFox OS brand elements
graphic design, illustrative design
Idee aan Zee Identity Design
Identity design for a film and video production company.
Branding, Graphic Design, Animation
Satelligence Visual Identity
Identity Design for data analytics company
Graphic Design, Branding, Art Direction
Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration
Ordini di Marcia
Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics
FNV Pension
Informative animation explaining the restructuring of pension funds for FNV workers union.
Art Direction, Animation, Illustration
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