Together with Tim Gerssen and under the kind watchful creative eye of Fanny Morriën at Young & Handsome we made a film to bring attention among secondary schoolers, to colleges that focus on sustainable and environmentally conscious curriculums.
No Granola
The challenge these ‘Groene Hogescholen’ (‘green colleges’) faced was the wrong or skewed ideas young students often have about so called ‘green’ education (that they were just for aspiring farmers or stuffy organic types). Interest in them was waning whilest the need for young inspired minds to tackle the big problems of the world is rising and becoming more urgent every day.
Young & Handsome found that young people felt daunted by the big and overwhelming challengers like climate change, but did react favorably to the theme of a healthy living environment. Which became the theme of the campaign.
Young & Handsome developed an interactive lesson, an online presence and an inspirational film, for which I was asked to take care of the motion design and animation.
Here this an edit of what I supplied.
Concept & art direction: Young & Handsome
Video, editing & directing: Tim Gersen
Motion design & animation: BOLTgraphics

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